Baby To Toddler Room

By Dani by Design

You know time is flying past when your little baby has emerged into the scary thing called a “Toddler”. I feel like no one told me or truly warned me about this stage but I’m sure they did and my response was “no it can’t be that bad”. Along with this change came the decision to redecorate and transform the baby room to the toddler room.

I think I get more excited with kids’ spaces than anywhere else in the home. Something about letting your imagination run wild. I had to think back to when I was a kid and whilst most of my things were hand me downs I tried to get creative. I love adventure and outdoors and wanted to create that for my son. Packing away the cot, change table and chest of draws meant the end of an era…. My baby was growing up and I now have this independent, crazy and adventurous little guy. Take the time to let this sink in…. you got through the first year or two …. You made it, minus the few grey hairs or in my case the wig of greys…. My hairdresser has become my new best friend who I regularly catch up with.

Have you ever seen the movie “Big” with Tom Hanks? Well my life felt like that (slight exaggeration). Being a big kid, he would always wake himself up in the cot by hitting the sides… usually with his head so working full time and getting up 5-6 times a night was taking its toll on our family. Welcome to the Zombie family... COFFFFEEEE!

The first step was finding the right bedroom suite. We wanted a chest of drawers due to the lack of them in this cupboard but we also had some pretty strict criteria on the bed. Had to be low enough for him to climb in and out of. Also had to fit mum or dad for those nights where he just needed one of us to comfort him. We also didn’t want his pillow or head getting stuck in the headboard as we’d be back to square one.

We found a king single bed (was a little high at first) bedroom suite with chest of drawers and side table. The king single bed we cut the legs down so that it’s easy for him to get in and out of. If you do this make sure you measure the legs with a tape measure first and cut exactly the same amount off each leg. Some would say “Yeah of course I know that” but so many times people have gone straight for the kill and there was no turning back. Also keep enough room for a roll out bed or trundle as this bed will last them through the sleepover years. We also installed a guard rail as he still moves around a bit on those restless nights.

Now my favourite part…. Decorating!!! Off I went to Big W, Kmart, Target in a quest to find the great outdoors. We used a teepee (the tent) and added a navy blue underlay (for warmth and comfort) plus filled it with all his teddies. We laid a navy blue and white rug (short haired) to keep the warmth on the floor as we have floor boards. We used a couple of night lights and posters representing the great outdoors. Left books on the side table and found a great navy blue quilt set, then laid out his favourite teddies.

Try to do this whilst they are not home as they could get quite upset about losing the old room as it’s all they’ve known. Thanks to the grandparents who were at hand for us. We made it a surprise and brought him home to his new “Big Boy room”. Excited was an understatement. He was so ecstatic and couldn’t wait to explore all the little corners of his new room.

That first night he slept right through the night peacefully… he finally had room to move. Don’t get me wrong he didn’t sleep right through every night from then on but it was a vast improvement. It also meant that on the nights he felt scared or alone he’d walk himself into our room and jump into bed…. We embrace that when it does happen (my hubby might not agree) as it won’t happen forever.

Stay tuned for more…


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